Topic outline

  • General

    The course will be given September to November 2021 in person with active participation of students. I will assume that all course participants have taken two vaccine shots against covid-19.

    Time and location: we meet on Mondays at 9.15-11.00 in room 32, house 5, Kräftriket, Starting September 6.

    Contents: The course will cover the following areas: Writing scientific papers, Writing popular texts, Giving scientific talks, Writing applications and the submission procedure.

    Literature: During the course, handouts will be distributed and also references given.

    Examination: Examination will consists of active participation at the meeting and doing each home assignment (see below) with passing mark, including giving feedback to other participant's contributions. I expect 100% attendance from course participants - inform me if you for some reason have to miss any meeting. The last two meetings are absolutely compulsory.

    Home assignments: All written home assignments should be sent in pdf-format by e-mail to me (and the other selected course participants when applicable). Deadline: The deadline is 23.59 the Sunday just prior to the following meeting.

    Additional to the home assignment and completely voluntary (although much appreciated!), I would be grateful to receive feedback on my written handouts which will be distributed during the course. All kinds of feedback is appreciated, be it typos or suggestions for restructuring or missing bits.

    If you are currently working on a paper without time pressure this may be used in the course. The home assignment of Day 2 is writing a paper - of course this need be started on at an earlier stage.

    Please note that course material will be updated during the course (current material is from 2019). The files will be updated no later than the day of the corresponding lecture. Updated files will have "2021" in the title.

  • Sept 6. Day 1

    Contents: Things to consider when writing a paper

    Home assignment(this home assignment hence has deadline Sept 12 at 23.59, and similar for the following home assignments): Read my handouts. Read a text about Writing Mathematics (confirm your choice of text with me) and prepare a short written summary of some useful advice you found, and prepare for a 5 minute oral presentation of it.

  • Sept 13. Day 2

    Contents: Presentations of home assignments. More about writing a paper.

    Assignment: Read my handouts. Write a manuscript taking into account contents of the first two meetings, the handout and possibly other literature. Of course this takes more than a week so you should have started earlier.

  • Sept 20. Day 3

    Contents: The submission process and giving feedback.

    Assignment: Read my handouts. Giving written feedback to two course participants' scientific papers.

  • Sept 27. Day 4

    Contents: Revising a manuscript and writing response letter

    Assignment: Read my handouts. Revise your paper according to comments and write response letter.

  • Oct 4. Day 5.

    Contents: Writing a popular text in mathematics

    Assignment: Read hand-out. Write a popular text on selected topic.

  • Oct 11. Day 6

    Contents: Writing applications (for academic job or grant) including a CV.

    Assignment: Read my handouts. Write an application and suitable CV and give written feedback to popular text of one selected course participant.

  • Oct 18. Day 7

    Contents: To give an oral presentation.

    Assignment: Read my handouts. Give feedback to application of one selected course participant. Prepare an oral presentation on selected topic.

  • Oct 25. Day 8

    Contents: Oral presentations of half of the group (filmed)

    Assignment: Read my handouts. Give written feedback to oral presentation of one selected presentation.

  • Nov 1. Day 9

    Contents: Oral presentations of half of the group (filmed)

    Assignment: Read my handouts. Give written feedback to oral presentation of one selected presentation.

  • Nov 8, Day 10

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