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    Nordic Biostatistics Graduate Course Network
    (Nordic BGC Network)

    In 2007, under a Nordplus programme, the Universities of Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen jointly initiated a set of Master level courses in Biostatistics, with the Universities in Newcastle and Gent taking part in the collaboration. From Fall 2009 the Network has changed name to the Nordic Graduate Course Network, BGC-Network, to specifically emphasize that both Master- and PhD-students from the collaborating universities as well as from other universities are welcome. In case of overbooking, students from the collaborating universities are given priority.

    The course website below is set up by the organizing university and contains additional information on course structure and time table as well as prerequisites and instructions for application and registration:

    • Oslo Fall 2007: Survival and event history analysis

    • Stockholm Spring 2008: Population genetics and gene mapping

    • Gent Spring 2008: Causality and missing data

    • Helsinki Fall 2008: Spatial analysis of area data

    • Copenhagen Spring 2009: Statistical learning and bioinformatics

    • Oslo Fall 2009: Survival and event history analysis

    • Gent Spring 2010: Causality and missing data

    • Copenhagen Fall 2011: Statistical learning and bioinformatics

    • Oslo Spring 2012: Survival and event history analysis

    • Stockholm Fall 2012: Epidemic modelling, simulation and statistical analysis

    • Helsinki Spring 2013: Bayesian inference
    • Gent Spring 2014: Causality and missing data
    • Copenhagen Fall 2014: Statistical methods in bioinformatics
    • Stockholm Fall 2015: Epidemic modelling, simulation and statistical analysis

    Note, that costs for student travel and accommodation are not covered by the network programme, and each student should organize his/her own travel and accommodation. Efforts are made by the student's home university to provide mobility grants. Suggestions for suitable accommodation are given on the course website. Most courses have no course fee. There may be exceptions, though, and this will be indicated on the course website.