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    Analysis seminar (earlier terms)

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    Autumn 20

    Wednesdays 13:15-14:15
    if anything other written: via zoom:

    09/09: Personalmöte (SU)

    16/09: (SU: sal 14) Alan Sola (SU), Optimal approximants and orthogonal polynomials in several variables

    07/10: (SU: sal 14) Jonathan Rohleder (SU), Isoperimetric spectral problems for quantum graphs

    28/10: (SU: sal 14) Andrzej Szulkin, A Sobolev-type inequality for the curl operator and ground states for the curl-curl equation with critical Sobolev exponent

    16/12: Sabine Bögli

    Spring 20

    Wednesdays 13:15-14:15
    usually even weeks at KTH (F11) and odd weeks at SU (room 306, house 6)

    17/01: SU (sal 31) Joao Pedro Ramos (Bonn): Fourier uncertainty principles, interpolation, and uniqueness sets. (Håkans gäst)

    22/01: KTH ---

    29/01: SU --- (personalmöte SU)

    05/02: KTH Anton Baranov (St. Petersburg), Nearly invariant subspaces in spaces of entire functions. (Annemaries och Håkans gäst) 

    12/02: SU Mark Lawrence  (Nazarbayev Univ), New sources of real analyticity in function spaces and function algebras. (Håkans gäst)

    17/02: KTH (3418) Paolo Giulietti (Pisa), A functional analytic approach to dynamical systems. (Danijelas gäst)

    19/02: SMC-kollokvium

    26/02: SU  KTH( room D4448) Mark Lawrence (Nazarbayev Univ), Recent developments regarding the 1-dimensional extension property. (Håkans gäst)

    04/03: SU OBS! Pavel Kurasov (joined with Algebra-Geometry seminar)

    11/03: SU

    17/03: SU (kl 13:15, sal 32!!!) Extra-seminar: James Brennan (), Boundary Values in Spaces Spanned by Rational Functions and the Index of Invariant Subspaces. (Alans gäst)  inställd!

    18/03: SMC-kollokvium

    25/03: SU

    01/04: KTH Latif Eliaz (Technion), tba (Pavels and Jonathans gäst) inställd!

    08/04: SU (veckan före påsk) Benjamin Eichinger (Linz), inställd

    15/04: KTH (veckan efter påsk) 

    22/04: zoom Elisa Affili (University of Milan & Sorbonne Université), Civil Wars: A New Lotka-Volterra Competitive System and Analysis of Winning Strategies

    29/04: KTH SMC-kollokvium

    06/05: zoom Benjamin Eichinger (JKU Linz), Stahl-Totik regularity for continuum Schrödinger operators

    13/05: zoom Markus Holzmann (TU Graz), Spectral properties of self-adjoint Dirac operators on domains in $\mathbb{R}^3$ (Jonathans gäst)

    20/05: SU SMC-kollokvium???

    27/05: KTH El Maati Ouhabaz (Uni Bordeaux), tba (Jonathans gäst) inställd

    Letter to the speakers: here

    Autumn 19

    11/09: SU Analysis day in the memory of Mikael Passare: programme

    16/09 KTH extra seminarium. T. Shirai: Limit theorems for persistent diagrams.

    18/09:  KTH  SMC-kollokvium

    25/09: SU (Gotland-resa för SU)

    30/09: KTH (obs dag!) Nam-Gyu Kang (KIAS, Korea): Conformal field theory for multiple SLEs.

     9/10: SU

    16/10: KTH Alan Sola (SU): One dimensional scaling limits in a Laplacian random growth model

    23/10: SU SMC-kollokvium \diff A_{\mathbb{S}}

    30/10: KTH  

     6/11: SU Olof Sisask (SU): On the L^p-norms of convolutions

    11/11: KTH (obs dag!) David Obata (Orsay): Stable ergodicity in partially hyperbolic dynamics. (Danijelas gäst)

    13/11: KTH Akseli Haarala (Helsingfors universitet): On the electrostatic Born-Infeld equations and the Lorentz mean curvature operator (Erik Duses gäst)  and Yuri Melnikov (); TBA (Pavels gäst)

    20/11: SU Ujue Etayo (TU Graz), Thomson problem revisited: Distributing points on a sphere (Håkans gäst).

    27/11: KTH  Meredith Sargent (University of Arkansas): Escaping non-tangentiality: a different approach to Julia-Caratheodory theory (Alans gäst)

     4/12: SU Mitja Nedic (SU): Analytic characterizations of the Lebesgue measure

    11/12: KTH Katharina Riegler (JKU Linz): Radial Variation of Bloch Functions on the Unit Ball of R^d (Håkans gäst).

    18/12: SU SMC-kollokvium

    Spring 19

    16/1: SU --- (see workshop at IML Spectral methods in mathematical physics)

    23/1: OBS: SU kl 10:30-11:30 (Sal 22) Barbara Drinovec Drnovšek (Ljubljana): On proper holomorphic discs

    30/1: SU Torsten Lindström (LNU): Destabilization, stabilization, and multiple attractors in saturated mixotrophic environments

    6/2: KTH Michael Levitin (University of Reading): Sharp asymptotic for Steklov eigenvalues in curvlinear

    13/2: SU Dale Frymark (SU): Characterizations and Decompositions of Domains for Powers of Classical Sturm-Liouville Operators

    20/2: KTH Dimitri Yafaev (Université Rennes 1): Analytic scattering theory for Jacobi operators and Bernstein-Szegö asymptotics of orthogonal polynomials

    27/2: SU Bassam Fayad (Paris): On stability of elliptic equilibria and quasi-periodic motion in Hamiltonian systems (Mashas gäst)

    6/3: KTH Julia Menzel (Regensburg): Long Time Existence of Solutions to an Elastic Flow of Networks (Alans gäst) 

    13/3: SU Ira Herbst (Virginia): Can we trust the connection between resonances and lifetimes of quantum states? 

    20/3: KTH  Jonathan Hickman (St. Andrew): High dimensional Kakeya maximal estimates via polynomial partitioning (Salvadors och Odysseas gäst)

    27/3: SU Christoph Fischbacher (The University of Alabama at Birmingham): Area Laws for the Entanglement in the XXZ spin chain (Sergeys guest)

    3/4: KTH Jussi Behrndt (TU Graz): The Landau Hamiltonian with \delta-potential supported on a curve

    10/4: SU Brian Simanek (Baylor, Texas): Blaschke Products, Numerical Ranges, and the Zeros of Orthogonal Polynomials (Alans gäst)

    17/4: KTH Abbas Moameni (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada): Minimax principles for lower semi-continuous functions and
    applications to PDEs and Analysis
    (Henriks gäst)

    24/4: SU (veckan efter påsk)

    2/5: (Torsdag OBS!!!) KTH, rum 3418: 13-14 Anders Karlsson (UU och Geneve): Carleman’s spectral zeta function for graphs (Håkans gäst)

    8/5: SU (sal 34!!) Pavel Kurasov (SU): Peeling-breaking-breaking-peeling...

    15/5: KTH  Ari Laptev (Imperial College London): Weyl type asymptotics and bounds for the eigenvalues
    of functional-difference operators for mirror curves (Pavels gäst)

    22/5: SU Alexey Karapetyants (Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia): A class of Hausdorff - Berezin operators on the unit disc (Henriks gäst)

    29/5: KTH  Constanze Liaw (University of Delaware): Rank-one perturbations and Anderson-type Hamiltonians (Alans gäst)

    5/6: SU (sal 14) Mitja Nedic (SU): Real Quasi-Herglotz functions and B-spline approximation

    31/7: SU James Pascoe:  (Alans gäst)

    Autumn 18

    12/9: ---

    19/9: Analysis day in memory of Mikael Passare

    26/9: SMC kollokvium

    30/9-1/10: Albeverio Fest  (OBS: Sunday-Monday)

    3/10: ---

    10/10: SU Andrea Serio (SU): Optimal Ground State on Quantum Graphs with Delta Vertex Conditions

    17/10: KTH Sevan Mkrtchyan (Rochester): The point processes at turning points of large lozenge tilings (Henriks guest)

    24/10: SU Pär Kurlberg (KTH): Level repulsion for arithmetic toral point scatterers

    31/10: KTH Corentin Léna (SU): Pleijel's nodal theorem and its extensions

    7/11: SU Odysseas Bakas (SU): A class of thin sets in higher dimensions

    14/11: KTH Nikolai Makarov (CalTech): Calculus on Riemann surfaces.

    21/11: Conference: 19-21/11 Nonlinear Phenomena in Stockholm: Kinetic Meets Dispersive (KTH)

    28/11: KTH Armando Gutierrez (Aalto University): The metric compactification of Lp spaces and some applications  (Alans gäst) and
    Ansgar Jüngel (TU Wien): Diffusive evolution equations from population dynamics: from Lotka-Volterra to Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto and beyond (Maria Gualdanis guest)

    5/12: SU(sal 16!!) Antoine Dahlqvist (University College Dublin): Yang-Mills measure and master fields on surfaces (Alans gäst)

    Extraseminarium 15.15-16.15 KTH Danylo Radchenko (Bonn): Summation formulas and modular forms.

    12/12: KTH Jacopo Schino (Warszawa): A semilinear curl-curl problem in R^3 (Andrzejs gäst)

    19/12: SU Liviana Palmisano (Uppsala): Coexistence of attractors (Alans gäst)

    Spring 18

    10/1: Mitja Nedic (SU): The convex combination probelm for Herglotz-Nevanlinna functions in two variables

    17/1: Eddy Ardonne (fysikum, SU): Properties of 'metaplectic' anyons (Pavels gäst)

    24/1: Douglas S. Bridges (University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand): Some Favourite Constructive Theorems of Mine (joint logic-analysis seminar

    31/1: ---

    7/2: Vicentiu Radulescu (University of Craiova, Romania): Nonstandard phenomena in nonlinear elliptic PDEs (Andrzejs gäst)

    14/2: Mitja Nedic (SU): A survey on the interplay between Passive systems and Herglotz-Nevanlinna functions

    21/2: Eddy Ardonne (fysikum, SU) (Pavels gäst)

    28/2: Vladimir Tkatjev (Linköping) Global stability and persistence of complex foodwebs (Pavels gäst)


    14/3: Nils Dencker (Lund) The Solvability of Differential Operators (Pavels gäst)

    21/3: SMC-kollokvium

    28/3: (veckan före påsk)

    4/4: (veckan efter påsk)

    11/4: SMC-kollokvium


    18/4: KTH Alan Sola (SU)  Level curve portraits of rational inner functions.

    25/4: SU Jan-Erik Björk (SU) Some highlights from T. Carlemans work

    2/5: KTH Erik Duse (Helsingfors) On the free boundary of the variational problem for dimer models (Håkan)

    9/5: SU Pavel Kurasov (SU) Ambartsumian-type theorem for quantum graphs: an overview

    16/5: KTH Jan-Erik Björk (SU) A tribute to Arne Beurling

    23/5: SU Mitja Nedic (SU) Representing measures of Herglotz-Nevanlinna functions

    30/5: KTH Kelly Bickel (Bucknell University) Compressions of shifts on two-variable model spaces (Alans gäst),
     and Alexei Rybkin (Runes opponent)

    7/6: SU (OBS torsdag, sal 22) Jaydeb Sarkar (Bangalore, India) Multivariable operator theory -- a brief survey (Alans gäst)

    Autumn 17

    30/8:  James Pascoe (Wash U, St Louis): The wedge-of-the-edge theorem (Alans gäst)

    6/9:  ---  (SSF workshop)

    13/9:  Odysseas Bakas (SU): Problems related to the endpoint mapping properties of the Littlewood-Paley square function


    27/9: SMC kollokvium

    4/10: Athanasios Georgiadis (Aalborg Universitetet): Analysis on metric spaces associated with operators (Salvadors gäst)

    11/10:  ---- (ladok möte)

    18/10: Erik Lindgren (KTH): Nonlinear nonlocal equations

    25/10: Israel Pablo Rivera-Rios (Basque center for applied mathematics): Sparse domination for singular operators (Salvadors gäst)


    8/11: Rostyslav Kozhan (UU): Relative Strong Szego Theorem


    22/11: Christian Kühn (TU Hamburg): Schrödinger operators and singular infinite rank perturbations (Jonathans gäst)

    29/11: SMC-kollokvium

    6/12: Tomas Persson (LU):



    Spring 17

    18/1:  ---

    25/1: Björn Winckler (SUNY Stony Brook): Rigidity in low-dimensional dynamics (Alans gäst)

    1/2: ---

    8/2: Ragnar Sigurdsson (University of Iceland, Reykjavík): Growth estimates of entire functions along sets of complex line in C^n and Paley-Wiener theorems. (Annemarie)

    15/2: Elizabeth Wulcan (Göteborg): Generalized Monge-Ampere operators (Alans gäst)

    22/2: SMC kollokvium

    1/3: Alan Sola (SU): Derivatives of rational inner functions

    8/3:  Jan-Erik Björk (SU): The spectral theorem for unbounded self-adjoint operators according to Torsten Carleman

    15/3: Isaac Alvarez Romero (NTNU): Discrete Multichannel Scattering with step-like potential (Pavel)

    22/3: Rune Suhr (SU): Spectral Estimates and an Ambartsumian Theorem for Graphs

    29/3: Helene Bommier-Hato (Marseille University): Little Hankel operators on a class of vector-valued Fock spaces (Annemarie)

    5/4: SMC-kollokvium

    12/4 (påskveckan):

    19/4: Frantisek Stampach (SU): Non-self-adjoint Toeplitz matrices with purely real spectrum

    26/4: Andrzej Szulkin (SU): A semilinear Schrödinger equation with symmetric magnetic potential

    3/5: Christoph Neuner (SU): Supersingular perturbations of self-adjoint operators with spectrum on the whole real line

    10/5:  IML-workshop (8-12/5) Herglotz-Nevanlinna functions and their applications

    17/5: Jan Boman (SU): Stability estimates in tensor tomography

    24/5: Jonathan Rohleder (SU): Eigenvalue inequalities for the Laplacian with mixed boundary conditions


    7/6:  Catherine Beneteau,  (Alans gäst)

    21/6: Mitja Nedic (SU)

    Autumn 16

    24/8:  Elona Agora: Weak-type boundedness of classical operators in weighted Lorentz spaces 
    Jorge Antezana: Fourier Frames near the critical density in LCA group (Salvadors gäster)

    7/9: Vittoria Silvestris (Cambridge): Hastings-Levitov growth and the GFF  (Alans gäst)

    14/9: --

    21/9: Riga resan

    28/9: SMC Colloquium

    5/10: Mikael Passare dag

    12/10: --

    19/10: Annemarie Luger: Herglotz--Nevanlinna functions in several variables, continuation

    26/10: SMC Colloquium

    2/11: Frantisek Stampach (SU): Moment problem (survey)

    9/11: E.T. Quinto (Tufts University): Detectable singularities from dynamic Radon data (Jans gäst)

    16/11: Francisco Odair Vieira De Paiva (SU): Semilinear elliptic problem of Ambrosetti-Prodi type (Andrzejs post-doc)

    23/11: Lukasz Kosinski (Krakow): Extension property (Alans gäst)

    30/11: Simon Stadler (TU Graz/SU): Eigenvalue inequalities for partial differential operators 

    7/12: SMC Colloquium

    14/12:  ---