Overview of the second half of the course

Overview of the second half of the course

by Tim Hosgood -
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In the last lecture I spent some time going through all the things we've covered in the second half of the course, just to make clear what things from the book we've covered and what we've skipped over. It's possible that I've missed one or two things, but this is the list I came up with in the lecture and I don't think anybody noticed anything missing from it! You'll see that it doesn't include e.g. projective coordinate rings, or homogeneous ideals — this is because we didn't get to finish that section (and talk about morphisms of projective varieties) because I missed a week due to being ill.

For those who missed the last lecture, the only other thing we talked about (apart from a question session) was counting points in compactifications, and I've briefly summarised  this in the last item in the attached file.

Have a lovely holidays!