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    Analysis seminar

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    Spring 22

    Wednesdays 13:15-14:15
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    19/01: (SU, sal 14) speaker (affiliation), title



    23/03: SMC kollokvium

    30/03: (SU, sal 306) Annemarie Luger (SU), Quasi-Herglotz functions

    06/04: (SU, sal 306) Christian Emmel (SU), Realizations of meromorphic functions of bounded type

    13/04: (veckan innan påsk)

    20/04: SMC kollokvium

    27/04:  (SU, sal 306) Sergey Favorov (Kharkiv National University), Measures and temperate distributions with discrete support and spectrum

    04/05: (SU, sal 306) Julie Rowlett (Göteborg), The mathematics of ``hearing the shape of a drum"

    11/05: (SU, sal 306) Adem Limani (LU), Approximation problems in model spaces and beyond

    18/05: (SU, sal 306) James Wright (Univ. of Edinburgh), Harmonic Analysis & Number Theory: Connections between Fourier Restriction and the Vinogradov Mean Value Theorem (Salvadors gäst)

    25/05: SMC kollokvium AND
    OBS: 10.30 - 11.30 (SU, sal 306)
    Christian Seifert (TU Hamburg, Germany), On fractional powers of sectorial operators (Jonathans gäst)


    08/06: (SU, sal 306) Jan Boman (SU), The region of interest problem in Tomography



    Letter to the speakers: here