• Allmänt

    Analysis seminar

    Autumn 18

    Wednesdays 13:15-14:15
    usually even weeks at KTH (F11) and odd weeks at SU (room 306, house 5)

    12/9: ---

    19/9: Analysis day in memory of Mikael Passare

    26/9: SMC kollokvium

    30/9-1/10: Albeverio Fest  (OBS: Sunday-Monday)

    3/10: ---

    10/10: SU Andrea Serio (SU): Optimal Ground State on Quantum Graphs with Delta Vertex Conditions

    17/10: KTH Sevan Mkrtchyan (Rochester): The point processes at turning points of large lozenge tilings (Henriks guest)

    24/10: SU Pär Kurlberg (KTH): Level repulsion for arithmetic toral point scatterers

    31/10: KTH Corentin Léna (SU): Pleijel's nodal theorem and its extensions

    7/11: SU Odysseas Bakas (SU): A class of thin sets in higher dimensions

    14/11: KTH Nikolai Makarov (CalTech): Calculus on Riemann surfaces.

    21/11: Conference: 19-21/11 Nonlinear Phenomena in Stockholm: Kinetic Meets Dispersive (KTH) http://www.math.kth.se/~dogge/nonlinear/

    28/11: KTH Armando Gutierrez (Aalto University): The metric compactification of Lp spaces and some applications  (Alans gäst) and
    Ansgar Jüngel (TU Wien): Diffusive evolution equations from population dynamics: from Lotka-Volterra to Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto and beyond (Maria Gualdanis guest)

    5/12: SU(sal 16!!) Antoine Dahlqvist (University College Dublin): Yang-Mills measure and master fields on surfaces (Alans gäst)

    Extraseminarium 15.15-16.15 KTH Danylo Radchenko (Bonn): Summation formulas and modular forms.

    12/12: KTH Jacopo Schino (Warszawa): A semilinear curl-curl problem in R^3 (Andrzejs gäst)

    19/12: SU Liviana Palmisano (Uppsala): TBA (Alans gäst)

    Letter to the speakers: here