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    Analysis seminar

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    Spring 21

    Wednesdays 13:15-14:15
    if anything other written: via zoom

    14/04: Pavel Kurasov (SU), Inverse problems for quantum graphs with cycles: dismantling graphs and Magnetic Boundary Control

    21/04: Alexandru Aleman (LU),  Factorizations induced by complete Nevanlinna-Pick factors 

    28/04: Sergi Arias Garcia (SU), Some endpoint estimates for bilinear Coifman-Meyer multipliers

    05/05:  ---

    12/05: Maxim Gerspach (KTH), Dirichlet series, the Riemann zeta function and random multiplicative functions

    19/05: Alan Sola (SU), Clark measures for rational inner functions in two variables


    02/06:  SMC kollokvium

    09/06: Jonathan Rohleder (SU),

    16/06:  Friday 18/6, 13:15-14:15 Wolfgang Staubach (UU)


    Letter to the speakers: here