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    Analysis seminar

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    Autumn 19

    Wednesdays 13:15-14:15
    usually even weeks at KTH (F11) and odd weeks at SU (room 306, house 6)

    11/09: SU Analysis day in the memory of Mikael Passare: programme

    16/09 KTH extra seminarium. T. Shirai: Limit theorems for persistent diagrams.

    18/09:  KTH  SMC-kollokvium

    25/09: SU (Gotland-resa för SU)

    30/09: KTH (obs dag!) Nam-Gyu Kang (KIAS, Korea): Conformal field theory for multiple SLEs.

     9/10: SU

    16/10: KTH Alan Sola (SU): One dimensional scaling limits in a Laplacian random growth model

    23/10: SU SMC-kollokvium

    30/10: KTH  

     6/11: SU Olof Sisask (SU): On the L^p-norms of convolutions

    11/11: KTH (obs dag!) David Obata (Orsay): Stable ergodicity in partially hyperbolic dynamics. (Danijelas gäst)

    13/11: KTH Akseli Haarala (Helsingfors universitet): On the electrostatic Born-Infeld equations and the Lorentz mean curvature operator (Erik Duses gäst)  and Yuri Melnikov (); TBA (Pavels gäst)

    20/11: SU Ujue Etayo (TU Graz), Thomson problem revisited: Distributing points on a sphere (Håkans gäst).

    27/11: KTH  Meredith Sargent (University of Arkansas): Escaping non-tangentiality: a different approach to Julia-Caratheodory theory (Alans gäst)

     4/12: SU Mitja Nedic (SU): Analytic characterizations of the Lebesgue measure

    11/12: KTH Katharina Riegler (JKU Linz): Radial Variation of Bloch Functions on the Unit Ball of R^d (Håkans gäst).

    18/12: SU SMC-kollokvium

    Letter to the speakers: here